Advanced Software Development 2nd edition.STARTING ON JANUARY 24TH

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Software development

We take care of all software design and development activities, but also corrective and evolutionary maintenance, consultancy and support for users. All this in agile mode.

We develop and design applications, web and mobile, in Java spring, Javascript (Node), .NET (.NET MVC), Bootstrap, Angular, JQuery, Ionic, Oracle, MongoDB, SQLserver, MySQL and PostgreSQL. We also develop software in outsourcing.

We work with precision and competence. We know the Italian language and the English language well.


Software engineering
Web Application
Mobile App
System Integration
Business process management
Website and e-commerce

How we help you

Software Development

Software development makes your business unique.

We support you in the design and development of software, web apps, websites, e-commerce and more. Projects developed with an iterative process thanks to agile methodologies that accurately capture your needs and quickly translate them into performing, beautiful and easy-to-use software.

Software Testing

Whether a software is developed by us or not, we take the software testing phase seriously: it is an integral part of our business. We check the correspondence of the software features with the requirements requested by the user, or we check if there are any defects that could affect the correctness of the operation, or we test the level of usability of the program.

Software testing is essential for us to ensure quality and, on the other hand, it is essential to guarantee the user a satisfactory user experience.

Solution Architecture

To say software does not mean (only) to write code. It means thinking about how a tool can help a person in their personal and work life. The main purpose of the software architecture is to make the system easy to understand, develop, maintain and extend. All this with the main objective of minimizing the costs for the customer of these operations and maximizing productivity.

Business Analysis

We work with you to define the foundations of your project, devise and define the best solution that meets your needs. We help you shape your vision by defining the release roadmap so you always know when your project will be implemented.

Product life-cycle management

We manage software products throughout their life cycle.

  1. Requirements analysis
  2. Domain analysis
  3. Feasibility analysis
  4. Cost analysis
  5. Architectural project
  6. Detail project
  7. Programming
  8. Debugging
  9. Testing
  10. Deployment
  11. Maintenance

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