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professional course


12th april - 14th july 2021


Be a Full Stack Developer!

The Professional Course in Advanced Software Development will transform you into a full-stack developer capable of developing software with the stack MEAN (MongoDB, Express, Angular, Node.js). 
The technologies of this stack are among the most used in the world for the software development: knowing these programming languages ​​will open you the doors to the job market.

The course is created and promoted by Alba NSI Shpk, the first software house in Shkoder, in collaboration with the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation and the Polytechnic University of Marche . Other important partners are: Globe ICT & Language Education, Italian Agency for Development Cooperation , Regional Directorate of the National Service for Employment Shkoder, AVSI Foundation e IBIS.  

Perhaps you are asking yourself: "Will the Professional Course in Advanced Software Development be the right one for me?"

ASDEV is the right professional course for you if:

  • You know the basics of programming logic
  • You minimally have a High School Diploma or are enrolled in the last year of a High School with an IT specialization
  • You know very well the English language, both oral and written. 

hours of lessons

The course will be divided into theoretical lessons and project work:

156 of theoritical lessons,  
200 of practical exercises, supervised by teachers, to consolidate the theoretical notions acquired.

The final calendar of the course will be provided upon registration procedures. 

A final exam is scheduled for Tuesday 20 july 2021 at the and of the course, in order to obtain the degree.  

To access the final exam, it will be necessary to have attended at least 75% of the lesson hours. 


To access this exclusive course it will be necessary to pass an admission test to validate the minimum participation requirements.

The test will be held, always in presence at the Alba NSI headquarters, on Thursday 25 and on Friday 26 march 2021.

Registration for the admission test will be open until 22nd March 2021 inclusive.


It is expected, for the most deserving students, a 3-month internship at Alba NSI, the first software house in Shkoder or other enterprises of primary importance. The internship will be an opportunity to put into practice, in a real context, what was acquired during the course.


The lessons will be held by Italian lecturers from the Polytechnic University of Marche and by professionals who are experts in Agile Methodologies.

how to participate

The course will take place in physical attendance at the Alba NSI headquarters in Shkodra, where a classroom with the latest generation laptops is set up for students. Obviously, all anti-Covid19 restrictions will be respected.

The theoretical lesson days will be part-time, in the afternoon.

The practical exercise days will be full-time.

The limit number of students acceptance

The course is reserved for 20 students.

Cost and schoolarship

37.500 lek

The payment will be made only after passing the admission test.

In case of need, it will be possible to apply for a scholarship. Your request will be evaluated by the management staff, after presenting the necessary documentation required.

37.500 lek




12 April / 14 July 2021 

hours of lessons

156h - theoritical lessons

200h - practical excerices

admission test

25/26 March 2021

registrations will be open until 22nd March 2021 inclusive

What will you learn?

During the course you will have the opportunity to know and put into practice these topics:

  • Agile Methodology 
  • Object Oriented Programming & Ajax, XML, JSON 
  • Javascript
  • Node.js & Express 
  • Mongo DB
  • Angular  
  • Mobile Programming 

See you in class?

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